So it’s 4/20…


Being 4/20, I thought I would try something new today. You might not be aware, but I work for a wonderful little place called Goodreads. I know right… dream job!

About a year ago, we started sending out a daily email that would make any book lover broke. You know what I’m talking about — the Daily Deals email. And every now and then, we have special big deals days. Of course, being the awesome company that we are, we have another big deals day for today 😀

I realize that not everyone might actually be signed up for Goodreads though, so I thought I’d share the love here. Check out some of these awesome deals:

$ 2.99
$ 2.99
$ 2.99
$ 2.99
$ 2.99
$ 1.99

These are by no means all the deals for today, so go ahead and check out the Deals page on Goodreads. But beware though, I bet you’ll find something that you just can’t NOT get!


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