Audiobook Review

Audiobook Review: All the Birds in the Sky


Rating: 2 Stars
Date Started: 18 April 2017
Date Finished: 30 April 2017
Pages: 320
Genre: Fantasy

I really didn’t enjoy this book. I’m not sure if it was due to the narrator, or just because it’s one of those books that just wasn’t for me, but the whole time I listened to it I kinda wanted it to physically manifest so that I could punch it. I can’t even put my finger on exactly what p’d me off so much.

The Story

I don’t know what went wrong! It should have been sooo good. Science vs Magic is the ultimate battle even in the real world. Just substitute magic with religion and bam, you got a true life drama instead of a magical realism novel. But somewhere along the line it just got so fucking boring. The whole plot relied solely on misunderstandings and miscommunications, and was so thin it was see-through.

The Characters
Lawrence and Patricia are both idiots and I couldn’t stand either of them. Lawrence was a world class douche with an ego the size of a planet, and Patricia was a martyr that wanted to take on responsibility for everyone else’s stupid decisions. Honestly I don’t even wanna think about them. The only character I actually kinda liked was Changeme, and even he/it had a disappointing conclusion.

I have a couple of friends who’s opinions I respect and we usually have similar reading tastes who loved this book, so if you were interested in reading it don’t let this review stop you. As I said, I might have felt different if I had read it instead of listened to the audio… but honestly I don’t think so. I just didn’t like this book and that’s okay… but you might.


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