Book Review

Book Review: Columbine


I have a morbid fascination with some things that aren’t very nice, and at one point my attention was brought to Columbine. I read up about it a fair deal, even watching a bit of the Basement Tapes, and thought I knew more or less what happened. I was wrong.

This book is a very well presented narrative of the culmination of years of investigation and evidence. I usually get bored with non-fiction books, but Dave Cullen managed to deliver the facts in an engaging way, and I found myself drawn into the mystery. The mystery of course being why these two kids, from normal households (as far as we know), did these atrocious things.

The catch, of course, is that even the answers that we get will never be enough. It will never be acceptable, because it isn’t. Everyone fantasizes about committing murder at least once in their life (most likely more than once), but you don’t act out on that…

Reading this book brought a lot of insight into the darkest depths of human nature… but as Patrick Ireland said: “When I fell out the window, I knew somebody would catch me. That’s what I need to tell you: that I knew the loving world was there all the time.”

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