Review: Room

Room by Emma Donoghue
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So the first time around I dnf’d this book because I couldn’t stand the pov and reading from the 5yo boy’s perspective was just no fun.
This time around I tried audio, and while it was easier for me to get into and I actually finished it, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. Yeah it’s a horrible tragedy and I’m sad that this is actually something that has happened in the world, but the best part of the book was (view spoiler). The rest of the time it read like a really boring diary of what they did during the day… if I wanted to read a diary, I have some of my own left over from high school…

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Review: Iced

Iced by Karen Marie Moning
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am so disappointed in KMM… I was really enjoying this series and then this book happened. At first I hated it because Dani is such an egotistical brat and I couldn’t believe I had to deal with another irritating main character… even though Mac’s character arc eventually endeared her to me…

But then the paedophilia vibes started and I just felt so uncomfortable the whole time while reading this book. I think the plot would have been so much better if they could just have left out the pervy old dudes that lust after a 14 year old girl and treats her like property.

That’s when I actually found myself liking Dani more, because she’s the only fucking voice of reason here! She was maybe not sufficiently freaked out by Christian or Ryodan, but at least she didn’t encourage their attention even though it looks like she might have a bit of a crush on Ryodan… which I guess is normal for teenage hormones? I can’t really remember now and honestly I think I’m grasping at straws here looking for redeeming qualities in this book…

I know in my last review I said I wanted more of Christian, but this is definitely not what I meant, and I’m so sad that KMM so completely fucked up this character. I guess it happens though, and not everyone can have a happily ever after… but wow, this was just a horrible character arc. (view spoiler)

Ryodan is completely hateful and I just couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in him. I’m not sure how I feel about his relationship with Jo, because like Dani I think that’s just going to end in heartache, and most definitely not for him, but I find the romantic in myself hoping that Jo can bring out his gentler side… unlikely though, so I guess that’s another character that’s not getting a happily ever after…

Dancer is the bright star here and the only reason I gave the book 2 stars. I hope to God KMM comes to her senses and if Dani has to choose a romantic partner (which I don’t see why that has to be an issue), please let it be Dancer! He’s smart and doesn’t cower in front of Ryodan and Christian, and he also doesn’t treat woman like they’re property and only there for men’s amusement, so he get’s 10 stars all the way!

Even though too much of this book was dedicated to some really screwed up relationships, the plot was pretty decent and once I managed to look past the uncomfortableness I felt I was able to enjoy the rest of the story. I actually look forward to getting back to the series and seeing what comes next. I just hope that we can stick to Mac and Barrons now… please!

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Review: Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh

Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh
Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh by Brian Wood
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So bad… It’s like the writers only had a vague idea of what the show and the characters are about. The storyline was stupid and Sam was even more irritating than usual, but because he didn’t act like Sam at all, it was even worse because you’re expecting something and then it’s even worse than you expected… it’s all just so disappointing.
And for that matter, why is everything always about Sam? Why can’t there be a storyline about Dean? When Sam went off to Stanford or whatever, Dean was still hunting, which 1) would make for a much more interesting storyline because DEAN, and 2) is you know, the point of the whole series. Urg, actually so glad there’s not another one…

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