Book Review

Book Review: Us Agains You


Fredrik Bachman does it again with a follow up to Beartown. I’ve given up trying to wipe the tears away and now I just sitting here letting it flow.

I read Beartown last year, and with my memory I was fully expecting to forget all the characters and be completely lost most of the time. However, the author does such a brilliant job of embedding his characters into your soul that I hardly had to try and remember anyone. They all jumped back to life and I remembered that a piece of my heart was reserved for these inhabitants of a small town.

Just like his characters, Bachman doesn’t pull his punches. Nothing is simple, nothing is black and white. Not everyone gets a happy ending. There’s no obvious villain because there’s no villains in real life either. Just people doing what they believe they need to do. You can’t help but feel so strongly for these people, because if you’re honest with yourself, you recognize them. You recognize yourself in them.

I’ve been going through a bit of a reading slump, however I’m pretty sure this book pulled me out of it. I’ve remembered how a really well written book can make you feel things, how much I love being absorbed by a story so well told that you don’t notice the hours slipping by. Being so invested in seeing how it all ends that you stay up much later than you should, but you know the heavy eyelids the next day is worth it.

I might be high on emotions and suffering from lack of sleep right now, but I love this book and it’s author. Thank you Fredrik Bachman for reminding me how much I love reading.